A new record was broken for a poker tournament during the launch of the World Series of Poker in early June. The BIG 50 tournament brought together a panel of 28,371 players! An absolute record for a live poker tournament online casino Singapore.

For $ 500 entry, the winner will be a millionaire.

The number of players present during days 1 of the Big 50 tournament is impressive. Never has a tournament gathered so many people. For the 50th edition of the WSOP in Las Vegas, more than 28,000 people gathered in Rio for four days to break the previous record of 22.374 players. This record dated from the Colossus tournament in 2015.

The new participant record is now 28,371. Organizers said they didn’t necessarily expect to break the Colossus record, even though they had considered the possibility when setting up the event.

This crowd created a total prize pool of $ 13,509,435, a feat for a tournament at only $ 500 entry. The winner will pocket the tidy sum of $ 1.1 million! The return on investment is phenomenal.

” This is proof of the love we all have for poker, and we are very grateful to the players who came to inaugurate this 50th edition of the WSOP. From our humble beginnings 50 years ago with half a dozen players, creating a prize pool of over $ 13 million with a $ 500 tournament truly shows that the modern poker scene is more than alive and ready. Welcome a new generation, ”said Ty Steward, WSOP Executive Director, proudly.

Sure, live poker is not dead and has a bright future ahead of it. When we see the success of a casino like King’s of Rozvadov, which manages to gather thousands of players at each poker event, even when the casino is located in a completely unknown city (at least before) with less 1000 inhabitants, we know that there are still things to develop with this discipline.

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